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School labs are a great place for students which enable them to enhance their learning by understanding the theoretical concepts of science taught in classrooms. Laboratory work build skills like observation, hypothesis, experimentation , analysis and conclusion drawing. Science lab equipped with smart board which makes teaching learning process more effective and impressive by practical applications . It also helps in developing interactions between peer group and teacher-student which helps them in expiration and experimentation.

Science Lab

The science lab form the soul of the study in the sciences. Science is a practical subject and its proper education requires various kinds of experiment which are practical in nature. With proper and well equipped science laboratory, the students feel encouraged or motivated to take active part in demonstration process.

Computer Lab

In this technological period, the computer laboratory at the school, provides an appropriate platform to the students to be proficient in handling technology. In the laboratory, computers are equipped with updated software and advanced technical aids. The school has the laboratories to make the students foray into advanced computer skills. The teachers also train students in making PowerPoint presentations. The school is committed to a progressive and evolving approach to ensure that our students have the advantage of being familiar with up-to-date technology.

Computer Lab
Mind Power Lab

Mind Power Lab

"The greatest force is derived from the power of thought. If constructive thoughts are planted positive outcomes will be the result."

Mind Power Lab helps the students in increasing thinking capacity, eradicating negativity and helps in sharpening the brain. It helps in retaining the focus and reflects the ability to think logically. The Mind Power games help the students in increasing concentration power and triggers the neurons of mind in numerous ways thus activating the hidden abilities of mind.


LIBRARY is a place where all students feel welcomed and encouraged to grow and learn. We provide the hub of learning where all students think, create, share and grow. It is designed in such a way that will become a favourite spot for many students .Our school library programs develops the good reading skills amongst students. LIBRARY is a gateway to knowledge and culture which helps to shape up the new ideas , it is a house of collection of books, audio visual material and other contents that serves a common use to meet the educational, informative and recreational needs of the users. We also provide quality fiction and nonfiction books that encourages children to read more for pleasure. It also enriches their intellectual, artistic, cultural social and emotional growth.

Art & Craft

Art & Craft

By introducing Art and Craft to the students and involving them in such activities in school, we help in building their cognitive, physical and social development. Art and craft is a subject in the school curriculum. Learning the Art and Craft doesn't just foster the creative development of a child, but also assists in advancing and refining his or her core skills. There is no doubt that Art and Craft involve fun activities for children. Be it colouring with crayons or making miniature statues from clay, folding paper to create fine origami or designing a handmade birthday card, there are several arts and crafts activities, which can enhance the interest of the children and exploit their artistic potential. By engaging students into different Art and craft activities we help them to enhance their dexterity and agility.

Smart Class

"Smart school and smart class" is an innovative concept in education. E-learning is accorded top priority in it. This helps students schooling with us to be better equipped to meet the challenges of modern day living. Smart boards have been installed in classes so that teachers can supplement the classroom teaching with audio visual display systems which help children learn much faster. It is a new vision in education. By implementing this kind of classroom education our school enhances student-teacher interaction and collaboration.

Infirmary/Smart Class

Yoga Room

The Yoga room with its soothing ambiance and well matted floors enables students to gain coordination of mind, body and soul. Professional guidance by trained instructors helps students rejuvenate themselves every day. It is a place where students not only work upon to improve their physical agility but also nourish their minds with meditation.

Theatre Room

An essential component of a well-rounded education, theatre teaches life skills like collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. It trains the students in self – confidence and poise and improves their diction, voice and articulation. Here students experiments with various theoretical expressions such as monologues, role-plays , nukkad natak etc. which profusely used in developing self confidence among students.


Dance Room

Aesthetically designed music, dance and drama rooms, weave spirituality and freedom of expression seamlessly into the curriculum. This is the place where the children unwind and learn the aesthetics of movement. The Department of Music and Dance is committed to excellence, innovation, learning in action, and entrepreneurship. School also realizes the importance of Music and Dance for the holistic development of the students and hence ample opportunity and exposure is given to the students to get a feel of their own potential.

Digital Classrooms

As educators, we believe that we need to adapt our teaching practices in order to accommodate, foster, and expand our students' use of technology. We need to create a learning environment that supports 21st century learning for that we have Digital classrooms. These classrooms has designed in such a way that fosters excellence and motivates our students to perform in more efficient way. With effective technological support it becomes easy for our teachers to give attention to each child personally.


Conference Hall

The school has an aesthetically appealing and spacious Conference Hall which functions as the meeting hall for school in-house activities like seminar , workshops etc. and also for corporate meetings with external guests. In addition, conference hall facilities are also made available to students during the academic year so that they can develop their presentation and oral skills in professional surroundings. .It is fully air-conditioned and is equipped with the latest and the most sophisticated audiovisual equipment including a laptop with internet access, a projector, a DVD and video player which has been provided to support other educational activities also.


"Sports not only builds character but also reveal it." Truly said that sports reveals our character as it is essential for human life to keep them fit and fine. Sports is certainly an excellent tool to build self confidence which further improves the skills of communication and student's personality. Our school laid emphasis on physical education as well .At school, pupils take initiative to engage in physical curriculum which enhances students confidence, mental alertness and self-esteem. It also helps to bring the discipline amongst our students as well enriches their social life. It also certainly teaches the values of patience ,dedication ,how to handle failure ,time management, leadership and team efforts.